Thursday, April 5, 2012

Connectivism: how it works in my mind... (#CCK12)

In the beginning, I knew very little of the course in Connectivism except for the fact that it is indeed unusual. I was expecting that this would be a glimpse of the way learners of the future will learn.

In my attempt to organize the course in my mind, I drew this concept map.

It starts with the learner as a little RED square in one corner (very much in-the-box :). I am trying to show the course as a journey from one corner to the opposite, where the learner ends up as an empowered, and well-rounded (literally) GREEN circle. There are two main dimensions by which I mapped the concept: one was the virtual and technological resources that was put in the process, in the top horizontal YELLOW grid at the top. The elements moving from left to right shows intensity of the technological and virtual resources: the net pedagogy and the group of net-based software/applications/programs that contribute to the technological "savviness" of the learner. On the other grid, I am trying to demonstrate another dimension to the course which is openness in terms of both hardware as well as the reach of the applications (in my experience: blog->LMS/tweet/diigo->elluminate->google+). Thus pedagogy, learner driven multidisciplinary research, the devices and the networks all work hand-in-hand to create an open and liberal minded learner.

I grouped some of the elements by colors, the PURPLE boxes are more leaning towards intellectual, philosophical, pedagogical contribution to the process, such as research, net pedagogy and informational literacy. The ones in BROWN are mainly hardware that creates the physical connection and openness such as connective and mobile devices, and unbridled networks. The PINK group is a collection of some (but not all) of the learnware that we use in the course, as mentioned above, as arranged according to my perceived reach.

All of these elements interact in the journey mentioned in the GREEN bubble as the learner's connectiveness, and as indicated by the thick GREEN line, as the learner (me) journeyed through the course.

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