Thursday, February 21, 2008

I sing Walt Whitman

your eyes, plucked from the sculptures of the Greek gods in Parthenon
evoke the immortal piercing judgment
your arms, the strength of unending youth of ambrosia,
those breasts that exerts power over men,
I suddenly hear the song that Walt Whitman sings…
that of the body electric,
so alive it pulsates
I smell the bronze color of your skin, obviously playful under the sun
and feel the heat of your stare
I sing, I sing, I celebrate the body electric!

bus 74, 20 Feb 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I saw my world as if from a distance,
falling apart in cookie crumble way,
I can see myself trying to latch on,
in a manner of a desperate man,
When all my lifeline is all but spent,
and all the prayers remained unanswered,
You failed me, my great big love
as you denied me the truth of hope
I knew, in rescue
you would never come,
But in love, it is a sin to not hope
And an even bigger sin to withold the truth
But i committed myself the greatest sin
To love you more than myself.
Yes you failed me, but first
I failed myself.
- 12 Feb 2008 1130pm

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Red Horse and the Spring

The red horse from the east drinks
from the waters of the ten thousand springs
It delights and lingers in the oasis
where the palm fronds hold him in a tight embrace
How remote it seems, the desolate desert dunes
as his tongue is moistened, it sings a new tune
Calm, content, and safe, he ponders how vast
the distance he has ran, almost willing to surrender the past
Yet he has to leave, that he has known
for the waters of the spring, other nomads now own
But for that evening, the very short evening
on the second day of spring
He has found home.

- for quebec, the province of ten thousand springs
from Hong Ma, on the second day of the new year, 2008